2018 Annual report

Owner and Chairman

Johan H. Andresen

Owner and Chairman

“One of the most important ways in which Ferd creates value is by partnering with other investors”

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Numbers and figures

Teamwork and collaboration


Johan H. Andresen

Key Figures

31.4 bn.nok

Ferd´s total value-adjusted equity

  • Value-adjusted equity
  • Return on equity %
  • Liquidity

Balances on the group cash pool, listed shares and liquid hedge funds

Letter from the CEO

Morten Borge


“We are continually on the hunt for attractive companies to which we can contribute through our expertise, whether alone or in partnership with others.”

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Morten Borge

Summary of Ferd's financial results for 2018

Ferd had NOK 12.1 billion of available liquidity at the close of 2018. In addition, Ferd has un-drawn credit facilities totalling NOK 7 billion. At 31 December 2018 Ferd’s bank deposits and money market fund investments totalled NOK 2.4 billion, which represents 7.6% of Ferd’s value-adjusted equity. The value of Ferd’s listed shares, equity fund investments and liquid hedge fund investments was NOK 9.7 billion.

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Return since Ferd was launched

Business Areas


Ferd Capital has three investment mandates: Private Companies, Listed Companies, and Special Investments. These mandates give the business area significant flexibility in terms of the type of investments it can make. In both the privately owned and listed companies in which we have a significant ownership interest, we are a long-term and active investor that acts on the basis of Ferd’s value platform and competitive advantages.

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Ferd Invest is an active investor with a sizeable portfolio of Nordic listed shares.

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Total assets 20184.3 BN NOK

Ferd External Managers invests in international funds that cover a broad range of investment strategies and asset classes in markets that complement Ferd’s direct investments.

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Ferd Real Estate has a flexible investment mandate, and invests in all categories of real estate and in all geographic regions.

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We provide expertise, networking and capital to25 SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS

Ferd Social Entrepreneurs invests in social entrepreneurs: innovative companies with a double bottom line, which is to say social as well as financial results. We also help strengthen the field by building expertise in social entrepreneurship, business development and how public sector and other organisations can use innovative, small companies to create social impact.

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Annual report 2018

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